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The Cameraman's Revenge (Silent)

Genres: Silent, Animation, Puppets, Adventure, Short Film

Cast: Ladislaw Starewicz

Director: Ladislaw Starewicz

Synopsis: The legendary Ladislaw Starewicz created some of the most imaginative and loveliest works of puppet animation ever filmed. While working in Russia, he directed his first classic THE CAMERAMAN'S REVENGE (1912), a story of love and infidelity among the insects, and the recently rediscovered The Insect's Christmas (1913), a dazzlingly beautiful film of the Yuletide celebrations of a Christmas-tree ornament and his tiny friends. After relocating to Paris, Starewicz made the political allegory Frogland (1922), the gorgeous hand-colored fable Voice of the Nightingale (1923), the irresistible The Mascot (1933), and the snowland fantasy Winter Carousel (1958). Starewicz's grasshoppers, dogs, frogs, dolls and other creatures portray heroics and follies with an exuberance of humor and invention. A delight for viewers both young and old!

Language: Silent

Country of Origin: United States of America

Production Year: 1912

 The Cameraman's Revenge (Silent)
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