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Pigs, Pimps, and Prostitutes: 3 Films by Shohei Imamura

Genres: Foreign, Drama, Criterion Collection, Crime / Criminals, 60s, Japan, Japanese Cinema, Crime Drama, Foreign Drama, Boxed Sets

Cast: Hiroyuki Nagato, Jitsuko Yoshimura, Masumi Harukawa

Director: Shohei Imamura

Synopsis: In the 1960s, Japanese filmmakers responded to a stale studio system by looking for new ways to tell stories; Shohei Imamura was one of the leading figures of this new wave. With the three films in this set—PIGS AND BATTLESHIPS, THE INSECT WOMAN and INTENTIONS OF MURDER— Imamura truly emerged as an auteur, bringing to his national cinema an anthropological eye and a heretofore unseen taste for the irreverent. Claiming his interests lay in "the relationship of the lower part of the human body and the lower part of the social structure," Imamura dotted the decade with earthy, juicy, idiosyncratic films featuring persevering, willful heroines. His remains a unique cinematic voice.

Language: Japanese

Country of Origin: Japan

Production Year: 1962


  • ""The most complete portrait of the Japanese woman as she is." (The Insect Woman)", Donald Richie
  • ""The films of Shohei Imamura are among the greatest ever made."", Jonathan Demme
  • ""It was Pigs and Battleships that fully revealed Imamura the rhapsodic vulgarian...a delicious satire."", The Village Voice
  • ""A strange and fascinating authentic shocker." (Intentions of Murder)", The New York Times
  • ""Japan's incarnation of Bunuel, omnisciently satiric and utterly cynical."", Michael Atkinson, The Boston Phoenix


  • 1962: Winner, Best Picture
  • 1962: Winner, Best Actress
  • 1962: Winner, Best Director
  • 1962: Winner, Best Actress
  • 1962: Winner, Best Screenplay
  • 1962: Winner, Best Actor
  • 1962: Winner, Best Cinematography

Pigs, Pimps, and Prostitutes: 3 Films by Shohei Imamura
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