Right now remakes are a staple of the Hollywood machine.  Studios reboot old movies and TV shows.  Sometimes the remake is better than the original, case in point Godzilla and Van Helsing.  

Horror films are no exception, lots of them are getting remade too.  The horror genre is ideal for remakes as advances in film technology particularly CGI.  There are lots of horror films that deserve a remake so narrowing it down to just a few, so here’s the list of top 5 Horror Films that Should be Remade.

 1.  C.H.U.D. (1984)

Living under the streets of New York there are Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, essentially homeless people who mutated into hideous flesh eating monsters because or exposure to toxic waste.  After eating all the sewage workers they start climbing to the surface through manholes to eat ordinary citizens.  The timing is perfect to remake this film, with brilliant CGI effects and the popularity of zombies this would be an awesome remake.


2.  The Stuff (1985)

The premise of this film is a yogurt looking substance is actually a living sentient thing that starts eating people from the inside out.  Made in 1985 The Stuff is guilty of all the cliché things that defined the 80’s,  It does poke fun at consumerism, dieting and corporate advertising, combine that with all the controversy surrounding GMOs now is the ideal time to remake this film.

3.  Them (1954)

Testing of the A-bomb in the middle of the desert in New Mexico and the radiation creates ants the size of your house.  James Whitmore plays the small town cop who must battle the monsters, this is actually one of the best movie monsters of the time.  It had pretty impressive special effects for 1954, but by today’s standards this could be an epic monster movie.

4.  Gorgo (1961)

A Godzilla meets the Loch Ness Monster type flick and pretty much a straight rip off of the earlier Godzilla films.  The monster is captured off the coast of Ireland and thrown on display in London, the plot is pretty predictable and like the earlier Godzilla movies it’s a guy in a lizard costume portraying the monster.  Back in the early 60s that was the best you got, but with today’s special effects the destruction could be awesome.


5.  Billy the Kid Versus Dracula (1966)

The original film was absolutely one of the cheesiest horror flicks ever made.  But with the popularity of movies like Cowboys & Aliens and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter this film definitely needs a remake.  Billy the Kid, a staple of westerns and an iconic outlaw character up against the king of the vampires leaves you with just one question.  Who’s the good guy?