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Movies About Families Making Long Distance Moves


Are you planning a move, and you are worried about how your children will take it? Moving is super stressful for everyone involved, but child psychologists say it can create lots of anxiety in adolescents. If you’re concerned about how your family will handle an upcoming relocation, then perhaps a movie will help. Moving Companies..

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10 Top Things to Do in Hollywood, CA

Take a visit to Hollywood, and you’ll soon discover why this Los Angeles suburb is called Tinsel Town. Filled with the glitz and glamour of the big screen, it’s a dreamland for TV and movie buffs. If you want to see where all the action from your favorite films is created, then visiting this iconic..

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Best Movies About Moving to NYC


Wherever your point of origin, moving to New York City can be a scary, exciting, bizarre, expensive, once in a lifetime decision. For decades, Hollywood has told stories about people who want to sink their teeth into the Big Apple. When tossed into the big city life, some of them thrive, while others flounder. If you are preparing for a move to NYC, these are some of the classic New York movies you should check out before you go:

First Determine If It’s Right for You

Let’s be real. Chances are, you probably aren’t millionaire with a limitless spending allowance. So, if you’re planning the big move, NYC on a budget will be a challenge you need to master. For a good laugh, check out Coming to America (1988), starring Eddie Murphy. Cast as the prince of a small African country, Murphy’s character moves to Queens, New York with his best friend, who is played by Arsenio Hall. His objective is to find a strong woman to marry, but he doesn’t want her to be influenced by his money, so he pretends to be poor.

The prince and his friend respond to Queens very differently. Murphy’s character embraces the simple life and manages to find the beauty in a work-a-day existence. He strolls along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade as easily as he strolled through his palace in Africa. His friend, however, yearns for the comforts that money offers and sends word to the King.

If you have a limited budget, watch this movie, and see if you could handle everything NYC throws at the Prince and his discontented friend.

Once You’ve Decided That It IS for You

One of the best depictions of moving to New York City is the classic movie When Harry Met Sally (1989). Fresh out of college, Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) rideshare from Chicago to New York to start their careers. An ensuing friendship unfolds over many years and ultimately evolves into something more.

Harry and Sally take you to places like Washington Square Park, Central Park Boathouse, and the iconic Katz’s Deli. This film shows two people experiencing some of the gems of NYC over several decades. You’ll be encouraged about your own impending Big Apple experience as you watch the characters grow into successful professionals and demonstrate that the city can be tamed.

Fish Out of Water

There have been some great movies about people moving to New York, who have no idea of what to expect. Elf (2006) stars Will Farrell as a human named Buddy who was adopted and raised by elves at the North Pole. Feeling out of place, Buddy travels to NYC to find his birth father. He adapts to New York at Christmas time by staying true to himself and never losing the happy strength that he learned from his North Pole family.

For anyone looking for a preview of the Big Apple, Elf shows viewers Christmas at Rockefeller Center and even evokes old New York, by highlighting Gimbel’s Department Store, which was a big part of the city until it closed in 1987. This instant classic will reassure you that no matter what your first couple of weeks in the city are like, they probably won’t be as awkward as they were for this goofy, but lovable elf.

Moving to New York City can be a daunting task, but if the spirit is truly calling to you, there are many amazing experiences to be had and sites to be seen. If you still want to move here after seeing these films, it’s time to pack up your boxes and find movers in New York City to help you get moved in. Even if you find yourself strapped for cash or feeling a bit out of your element, living in this thrilling city will be something you never forget.


Movies that Will Make You Want to Travel


We’re officially two weeks into summer, which means the travel bug is probably biting you like it is everyone else in America. If you need some travel inspiration, or want a momentary vacation from reality, dive into one of our favorite travel movies. They range from soul-gripping to slapstick, so there’s something for everyone: Eat,..

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Memorable Movies About the Oil & Gas Industry

America has a love/hate relationship with the Texas oil & gas industry. While we love the many uses for oil and gas, from heating our homes during frosty winters to fueling our cars on road trips, the industry has recently gotten a lot of backlash for its questionable environmental impact. A smattering of documentaries has brought topics like fracking, pollution, and alternative sustainable energy to the forefront, but controversy and excitement surrounding “black gold” is nothing new to Hollywood. In light of the most recent fracking smackdown, here are some of the best movies ever made about the oil and gas industry.



One of the oldest and most well-known movies about the oil industry is the epic western, Giant. This 1956 story of Texas ranchers striking oil was based on the 1952 novel written by Edna Ferber. With an all-star cast featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, this tale chronicles the life of the Benedict family over a 25-year-period, before and after a Texas oil company starts drilling on their ranch. Tangled relationships and racial tensions flow as freely as the rigs in this tale of Texas oil, as filmmakers attempt to highlight the social injustice faced by Mexican-Americans at the time. The film was recognized almost 50 years later by the Library of Congress for its cultural and historical significance.


 Armageddon, a science fiction thriller starring A-listers Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler, was the highest grossing film of 1998. In this action-packed movie, oil drillers are commissioned to travel to outer space and destroy a huge asteroid hurtling towards the earth. In order to do so, NASA plans for the handpicked crew to drill deep into the center of the asteroid and plant a nuclear bomb. You’ll find yourself holding your breath as you await the outcome of this dangerous mission. Critics thought the plotline was too far-fetched to garner any real box-office attention, but to the surprise of many, it ended up being a commercial success.

Mad Max 2 – The Road Warrior

 In post-apocalyptic Australia, Max, played by Mel Gibson, is on a quest to search for fuel sources when he is guided to a gasoline refinery inhabited by a band of survivors. The inhabitants are in the midst of a brutal war with a motorcycle gang trying to steal the gas for themselves. At first, Max decides to steal oil for his own use, but in the end he helps defend the refinery from the encroaching bandits. In return, the thankful inhabitants give him all the oil he needs. This far-fetched action thriller was extremely popular with science fiction enthusiasts and turned out to be a box office success.

The World is Not Enough

Finally, even James Bond got in on the oil action in his 1999 action thriller, The World is Not Enough. In this film, Pierce Brosnan reprises his role as the international sleuth as he attempts to protect a wealthy oil heiress from the man who kidnapped her. In the process, Bond discovers that the kidnapping is part of a nuclear plot devised by an international terrorist in order raise oil prices. The scenes are intense as Bond tries to discover a way to defeat his foe and escape with the heiress.
While these are some of our oil & gas productions from the silver screen, here are some additional favorites to add to your watch list.


Movies & Shows That Will Feed Your Inner Foodie


For the film fanatic who equally loves food, we’ve gotten together with Blue Apron Reviews to create a list of foodie films that are sure to pique your interest. Read more about this awesome meal delivery service, then get inspiration for your own kitchen adventures or simply expand your knowledge of international cuisine with these tasty morsels of documentary delight.

The Search for General Tso

The filmmakers of The Search for General Tso spent an entire year carefully combing through history to find the origins of General Tso’s orange-tinted chicken and discover the masterful chef who first created it. The film ties together the history of the real General Tso and his sticky sweet namesake dish that is so popular today at Americanized Chinese restaurants. You might want to order some Chinese takeout as you digest this tantalizing documentary.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

While not a movie or documentary, this TV show was noteworthy enough to make our list. I’ll Have What Phil’s Having is like Anthony Bourdain meets Rick Steves on an international foodie journey. This food-centric show features Phil Rosenthal, best known as the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, who with the excitement of a high school counselor, guides viewers through exotic cuisine of various locales around the world.


This documentary about the struggle to become a sommelier will make you believe in the power of a refined palette. The film follows four candidates preparing for the Master Sommelier test, an exam with one of the lowest pass rates worldwide. Throughout the documentary, we see the four of them drinking, swishing, and spitting their way through sample after sample of wine, attempting to hone in on the exact flavors and origins of each bottle. If they study enough and pass the test to become Master Somms, their careers will be paved in gold. Fail, and they spend another year drinking, studying, and stressing in pursuit of their dreams. Crack open a bottle of your favorite Trader Joe’s two-buck chuck and enjoy this captivating documentary.

For Grace

This story follows Chef Curtis Duffy as he attempts to fulfill his dreams of opening his own restaurant in Chicago. While food is an integral part of the film, the documentary also takes time to focus on Duffy himself, highlighting this master chef’s personal struggles and tragedies outside of the kitchen, and how he ultimately perseveres through them. For those interested in the service industry, this movie is a must-see glimpse behind kitchen doors into the tumultuous life of one of modern America’s greatest chefs.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Ono, 85-year-old sushi master of Sukiyabashi Jiro (a 3-star Michelin restaurant tucked in the corner of a bustling Tokyo subway), has given over his entire life to the perfection of his craft. In Jiro Dreams of Sushi, we see his sacrifices and the toll his sushi takes on his personal life, including his relationship with his sons. Jiro lives out what it means to give yourself to your slight career obsession.


This Netflix original TV mini-series features four hours on the history of cooking for your binge-watching pleasure. Covering a myriad of food topics from around the world, Cooked serves as a testimonial of cooking’s ability to unite people and bridge cultural boundaries. From cheese-making nuns, to Australian grandmas clubbing giant lizards for dinner, to the odd clip of James Taylor singing to a dead pig, Cooked will take you on an enlightening culinary adventure.

Soul Food Junkies

Deep-cutting and rare, this documentary examines African-American folk culture and how it influenced the evolution of soul food. The film explores not only the influence of history and sociology of soul food’s origins, but also criticizes how this greasy, fatty, oh-so-delicious food threatens the health of the South and in particular, the African-American community. Despite the disparaging espoused in the film, you’ll likely have a strong hankering for some fried chicken and mac & cheese before the movie is over.

Spinning Plates

This documentary delves into the struggles of three different eateries: a struggling Mexican restaurant; a 150-year-old, family-owned operation; and an eatery led by staff with serious personal problems. It claims that maintaining a restaurant is equal parts, science, luck, art, and perseverance, but ultimately shows how food can bring people and communities together.

5 Best Movies to Watch Before Moving Day


If you find yourself moving this summer, you are far from alone. The US Census Bureau estimates that around 12% of Americans will move this year, which means as many as 40 million other people are boxing up their homes and packing a moving truck. Whether your move takes you just around the block or transplants you to a new home across the country, moving can be hard. Before the movers arrive, watch these uplifting and entertaining movies to ease your stress about moving. Thanks to Great Guys Moving Company, one of the nation’s premier long distance moving companies, who helped us compile this list:

1. Toy Story

A childhood classic for all the millennials who grew up during the 90s, this animated film follows the drama of a young boy’s collection of toys that come to life when humans aren’t around. As the toys attempt to prepare for the family’s upcoming moving day, they are surprised when their owner Andy acquires a shiny new toy named Buzz Lightyear. The addition of this bossy space ranger threatens the established authority of Woody, the toy sheriff that usually keeps all of the toys in line. After an ensuing power struggle between Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the toys rediscover friendship and harmony, working together to make to ensure the move goes smoothly. Your whole family will enjoy the heart-warming tale of Woody and Buzz, and see moving day from a new perspective.

2. The Money Pit

Tom Hanks stars in this comedy about a young couple who got a deal on a house that was too good to be true! When Walter and Anna buy their new home, they are surprised to find that they got more work than they bargained for. When the house starts falling apart they are forced to start renovations. Little do they know just how much work their dream house needs. This film will have you giggling the whole time, and remind you that your moving day can’t be as bad as theirs!

3. Inside Out

Riley is a fun loving hockey player who is very happy with her life in the Midwest. When her parents make her move across the country, we get a look inside her brain and see how moving affects her 11-year-old emotions. Through personified emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust we get a look into this preteen’s mind and how it copes with the stress of moving. Once Joy is no longer in control, things get rocky for this young girl’s emotional state as Riley struggles to find her place in a new city. Inside Out will remind you that moving is hard, but family can make it easier.

4. Karate Kid

When Daniel and his mom move to California, Daniel has a hard time fitting in. He is bullied constantly and eventually finds himself unable to run away from a fight. An elderly gentleman finds Daniel and teaches him the art of karate, which promises relief from bullying, if he can learn. Through unconventional methods, Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel how to defend himself. After doing what seems to be chores for days, Daniel realizes that he can now take on the bullies. This inspiring film will have you feeling hopeful about your move and conquering life in a new place!

5. Footloose

When Ren and his family move from the big city to a small town, he is shocked to learn that dancing is illegal! Ren has a hard time fitting in and he is the only one who is willing to fight against the oppressive rules enforced by town leaders, who include the local minister. Eventually his classmates agree that in order to save senior prom they must do away with these rules! As you approach your upcoming move, remember that you can have an impact in your new hometown.


Small Budget Films that Blew Up the Box Office

The summer movie season is here and now is the time when movies studios start hyping the big budget flicks, seeing which ones can set records for opening weekends.  Studios rely heavily on the earnings of movie franchise staples and spend more than $100 million bringing them to theaters. But sometimes it’s the Indie movies..

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