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The Flowers of St. Francis

Genres: Foreign, Criterion Collection, Italy, Faith / Spirituality, Italian Cinema

Cast: Brother Nazario Gerardi (Nazario Gerardi), Brother Severino Pisacane (Severino Pisacane)

Director: Roberto Rossellini

Synopsis: In a series of simple and joyous vignettes, director Roberto Rossellini and co-writer Federico Fellini lovingly convey the universal teachings-of humility, compassion, faith, and sacrifice-of the People's Saint. Shot in a neorealist manner, with monks from the Nocere Inferiore monastery playing the roles of St. Francis and his disciples, THE FLOWERS OF ST. FRANCIS is a timeless and moving portrait of the search for spiritual enlightenment.

Language: Italian

Country of Origin: Italy

Production Year: 1950

 The Flowers of St. Francis
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