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The Long Good Friday (Image)

Genres: Drama, Crime / Criminals, Mobsters / The Mafia, Suspense, United Kingdom, Crime Drama

Cast: Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren, Pierce Brosnan, Kevin McNally

Director: John Mackenzie

Synopsis: Entrepreneurial mob boss Harold Shand (Academy Award-nominee Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa) runs an underworld empire but his dreams are much bigger. He and his sophisticated wife (Oscar-winner Helen Mirren, The Queen) aspire to partner with American mobsters to turn the barren docklands of London into a development for the upcoming Olympics. But their perfect plan begins to unravel when a string of deadly bombings leads Shand to the stunning realization that he is being targeted by the IRA. A bloody race to hold on to his crumbling schemes brings him to an explosive climax in this taut, riveting thriller.

Language: English

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Production Year: 1980


  • "One amazing piece of work, not only for the Hoskins performance but also for the energy of the filmmaking.", Roger Ebert
  • "A swift, sharp-edged gangster story in a classic mold.", The New York Times
  • "MacKenzie's film has a gritty realism which still exerts a powerful force.", BBC


  • 1982: Nominee, Best Actor, Bob Hoskins

 The Long Good Friday (Image)
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